Returning from vacation I had stopped air-supply for my Caeles air bearing system in December. Wondering why the SpJ arm did not track properly the reason was easily found – all dampers had went down, the table was running on a hard bases. This is something we really do not want to experience as you are listening to a Thorens (sorry) or something similar.


Lifting the upper structure by new Danish pumps one of the air cables wasn’t working in the way it should resulting in going down to a hard coupled status. Also two dampers did not work correctly. I had to exchange them and calibrate the whole system again.

In the end listening to a good system needs maintenace, and of course the more complicated the phono installation the more you are working with it keeping your fun and listening excitement. All good? No, I hope the new dampers remain stable quite some time and I will concentrate more on the motor – maybe another chapter of servicing…😊






4 thoughts on “Servicing

  1. Eckart,
    I read this post and realized that sometimes maybe ‘simpler is better’. When was the last time you had problems with your EMT, or Continuum? While I realize that everything requires some degree of maintenance, but this table just seems to be too much work. =) The suspension reminds of the ‘EAS system’ on my Range Rover. When it’s working correctly it’s wonderful, when it fails, it’s bad. And it always seems to fail. I agree that the more complicated system will need more attention, but something this new and this expensive shouldn’t. (my opinion of course)



  2. Norman,
    You’re very right on this. This is no plug & play. The reason might be that this unit was shortly used in Hongkong, not very much. When I received it all parts were examined, tested. Also I got a new color. Nevertheless all three dampers I have now exchanged. Maybe the rubber of the dampers while used in many constructions does not like temperature differences. The builder of the Caeles had many good ideas, some of his concepts are ingenious while the air bearing needs quite some air power. Other details need to be improved, I received most of them.

    I am thinking about exchanging the motor. It is working quite well. In the end for the sideward pull of the heavy platter we might need a stronger motor despite the platter is floating on air. You see I am always going for the best solution. The sound of the Caeles installation with the Allnic 5000 is great! And somehow it is my faible working on units.

    Regarding the Continuum Criterion I did a lot of exchanges when I installed the Cobra tonearm etc. At the EMT R 80 you might look what kind of tonearms and rare carts I am using. I never went for a Range Rover, just got a TESLA Model X 100D. Not many understood why I went for an American car. I just think they are far ahead on many fields, they still do not reach the quality on suspension and aluminum building like the classic auto builders but most of the ideas and concepts you’ll do not find anywhere.



  3. Eckart,
    One day my friend we must get a beer! The Tesla is a really cool car. The Rover is a pig. I still miss my old Mercedes 220D, with a four speed. It was slow (think Taxi), but everything worked flawlessly, perfectly and it was a joy to drive at speed, although it took forever to get up,to speed.

    There is a lot to be said for things that function like a fine film camera. My ancient Dual 1229 and Grace tonearm (45 years old), the EMT 927 and SME 3012 (58 years old) , my ReVox B77 (37years old) and Pioneer RT 1050 (44 years old). They are not state of the art, but I enjoy them none the less.

    I like your Continuum turntable. The Cobra arm, I’ve only heard briefly and seems very difficult to properly set up. I find it surprising that you may need a stronger motor for the Caeles? I would think with the platter supported by air that a tiny DC motor would work. Looking forward to seeing your solution.

    In any event, it’s this wonderful hobby that draws us closer to the music that is what is so wonderful. I so enjoy reading your blog and sincerely appreciate the advice and help you’ve given me over the years.



  4. Norman,
    Just get over here having a good Munich Beer! May 2018 is the High End Show in Munich, a good starting point 😅
    Thanks a lot for your contribution to this blog. Having examined the motor en detail I agree with your opinion, it might be absolutely efficient for the air based platter using a 930 EDS Dual motor (at that time Germany had very good products in this field) moving the platter by a string. I will build in a plus and minus fine calibration installation ensuring an absolutely precise speed. Will show it to you when I am finished.



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