My Best Turntable System

working on my six turntable projects I am always puzzled by small exchanges, in this case by improving the motor system of my Caeles/Allnic 5000 system.


The Dual motor was adjusted to precise calibration on the two speed modes 33 and 45.


It helps a lot as we all know a good and precise motor is the basis of a sufficient turntable system. Now i can adjust efficiently the speed evolving the air driven platter.

One more step to heaven is the following implementation:



Two Sperling motors driven by a forerun tape monitored with a Sperling controller do allow the finest control in two different steps for each speed.





The Sperling motors are set up on wooden Panzerholz platforms taking up each of the three feet being placed on a round granit stone. There is no movement at all thus allowing me to say: I am fully convinced at the moment that the shown configuration with the two Sperling motors driving the air based platter via the H 5000 DHT Allnic phono preamp it is definitely my best turntable system in 2018!



2 thoughts on “My Best Turntable System

  1. Eckart,
    It’s hard to imagine that this is better than your EMT? And if it is, just imagine all of the space that you can free up when you sell the other five turntables?
    After all, how can you enjoy playing the others when you know this one is better? That’s what my wife would be telling me if I were you. =)
    Enjoy, nice work on resolving the motor issue.


  2. Norman,
    You know my units too good now and as you have an EMT it is hard to believe that an air driven solution may beat my R 80 in its configuration (Western Electric 618B, EMT JPA 66, Neumann DST). Do not forget the installation, also the huge Dürr compressor in another room driving the Caeles as well as the Kuzma Airline tonearm on the MS table. I am very careful in making such a statement. Nevertheless you may tell your wife: It is good to have different cups and being able to choose which cup you want to drink at time… !



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