Reducing Noise

when I switched to my EMT chain I thought I was prepared reducing a little noise of the EMT 139a phono pre. You may only hear a very light breeze between the different music songs in the pause between the songs.I tried some Nos matched tubes I  had bought for this improvement – but failed.


All units in this chain work pretty efficiently, the EMT R 80, Ortofon arm and A 90 cart, the Western Electric 618B, the EMT139a phono pre and at least the EMT JPA in the MM function.

So what am I doing? Believing one of my technical advisors that one should select 100 tubes using only the matched 8 ones for the two Mono EMT 139a?


I was pretty in dispair of quite a difficult way ahead of me. In the end I precisely built it back to my old matched tubes and took care that the tubes stood firm in their sockets.

When connected to the chain and the WAVAC amps I suddenly realized that the breeze was nearly gone. Wow! Maybe the two 139a units needed a special treatment or just a good stand for the tubes after having driven 20 km with the set  from my technican who implemented these fabulous boxes…


2 thoughts on “Reducing Noise

  1. Norman,
    139a was before 139st. As it is the Mono version you need two of the units to produce a wonderful Stereo sound. In effect it is the same Stereo sound than the 139st, maybe a little more elaborated.
    The units are pre 60ies but all important electronic parts are improved, you see it under vintage phono – part I, II,III.
    Btw. The R 80 is still a good machine 🤣



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