Tape is my love


In between all of my turntable and phono projects I regulary return to listening to master tape copies on my four tape lines. Thanks to Norman I decided now to bring back my C37 – as a flat operated unit – instead of the upright A807.


When travelling I take with me DSD copies made on my TASCAM recorder.

Listening to Sheffield Lab – Drum and Track or Pat Metheney – As Falls Witchita, you usually forget the world around you…


3 thoughts on “Tape is my love

  1. Eckart,

    You mentioned bringing back the C-37, but I wasn’t sure you still had it? For those that don’t understand why everyone who loves open reel wants one, all you must do is listen once. The dynamics are outstanding but it is the mid-range reproduction that sets this apart from everything else. This is the machine that started the Studer legend. It also doesn’t hurt knowing The Beatles recorded most of their best work on Studer 37 (a J37, the one inch tape version of this machine). I looked into buying one once many years ago. Finding one in top condition is very difficult and the prices they command are staggering!
    You must be smiling every time you thread in a tape.



  2. Norman,

    I am using two buffer beams with the C37, a standard one and the one with modern butterfly heads, which I am just listening to: Spyra Gyra – In modern Times. You are absolutely right with your assessment that the tube based C37 is transporting the mid-range in a fabolous way. Drums, saxophones, guitars are coming with sheer dynamics.

    My small storing room keeps some beautiful audiophile jewels, maybe one day I will sell them as I just did with an excellent FR-66s tonearm. But sometimes I am happy to recover matching units and bring them to life in my listening room.

    When my wife and a good friend and phono advisor were sitting at the coffee table upstairs with me I told them when the time has arrived they may jointly sell all my muisc gear. “why waiting?” was my wife’s response…



  3. Eckart,

    Ha! I have heard the same words from my wife many times! It’s is not such a bad thing however. She has taught me to listen and then keep only what I really enjoy. As a result I have sold many many treasures. I do however still have a small storage room with some old marantz, GAS, Phase Linear, Citation, McIntosh, EPI, TEAC, ReVox, ADVENT and Garrard that I cannot seem to part with. =) Happily, she encourages me to purchase more LP’s and tapes.



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