Mirror, Mirror

Joe Henderson with Chick Corea, Ron Carter and Billy Higgins play one of their big concerts on this produced record of 1980 by Joachim E. BEHREND.

Wonderfully mastered direct reel to reel copy of the Master Tape by Horch House, now Entertape, Vienna, Austria.




6 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror

  1. Eckart,

    It is easy for me to decide which reel to reel I listen to most. My Pioneer RT-1050 and my ReVox B-77 sound almost identical. But the RT-1050 has interchangeable head stacks and handles tape more gently than B-77 so it’s the one I use most often. I am wondering how you decide which machine to listen too, having the two finest machines Studer has ever made and two machines that sound so different from one another?
    Excellent selections by the way this must be a new titles? I don’t remember seeing them on the Horch House site.



  2. Norman,
    I was talking with them quite long as we had time on Saturday at High End. Not so many people at that day as it used to be in the former years. I learned that classical recordings are “out of protection” after 70 years of composing. In Jazz and Rock music the record industry is not eager to follow up as the target group for master copies seems to be very small. They do pay licences.



  3. Very interesting stuff. Great toys for big boys.What I have not seen is the head demagnetiser, the cotton buds, the isopropyl alcohol, the silica bags inside the tape boxes. But I am sure that there is a heat and humidity controlled cupboard somewhere there. As I am sure that someone is taking care of the tension applied on the tape and the perfect condition of the heads.


  4. You’ll see it on this site. Just scroll around. Everything you mention is taking care of. Don’t worry, what is even more important the correct tape calibration is also prepared.



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