Aramid Belt

There is an ongoing discussion what is the best drive, belt, direct or rim drive. I use all, but have improved my tables by many options.

Regarding belt drive I usually go for two motors on the left and right, so with my VPI controlled Micro Seiki 8000 and for my Sperling driven Caeles air based system.


Having used a tape so far the improvement by the new motors you could easily hear. Now I went for an Aramid belt, it has no natural resonance, also ZERO linear expension. You need to secure that the motors are build for the radial pressure – which is the case with the Sperlings.


The tonal improvement in sound quality is evident, unbelievable but true.


I was asked about the data of the Aramid belt:

1230 mm length (one thread, no cut or glue)

7 mm hight

1 mm thickness

The Aramid behaves like direct drive or rim drive. From the very first moment it is up to speed. No waiting until the exact speed is reached bringing the air decoupled platter into performance.

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