A Masterpiece

The only one Titanium made SPJ in the world. One of the great designs in tonearm construction. Maybe a bit too difficult for the one time user, coming with the Palladium Cardridge – one of my favourites in this combination.


Updated with an Acoustical Systems silver wiring.


The Unipot construction is not easy to handle, needs to be kept in a very clean condition and does need an appropriate table…


3 thoughts on “A Masterpiece

  1. Eckart,

    I was listening last week to the Rockport Technologies System lll with the Rockport linear air suspended tonearm. This is the third time I have had a chance to visit my client and listen to this table. It made me think about you and the Caeles. The Rocport is so silent that one can be startled when the music begins. I am wondering If maybe the Rockport air suspended linear drive tonearm is the finest I’ve ever heard? Even the best pivoted tonearm compromises the record surface tangents where as the linear drive maintains the correct tangent through the entire surface of the record. The results are clearly heard. I really love this turntable, it’s just way out of my price range.
    The owner of the Rockport mentions that he has used it every day since 2001 and has never had a breakdown or needed s repair.
    Looking at the SPJ ‘s complexities makes me wonder how it would compare sonically to the very simple Rockport arm? Have you ever heard the Rocport linear drive tonearm?



  2. Norman,
    I never heard the Rockport. At least it is not a fully air based system, you may compare it with the Continuum. The tonearm looks very similar to the Kuzma Airline. So I might get an idea how it sounds – but it is different when you do it personally. I love tangential tonearms, besides of the Kuzma Airline I own another great tangetially design, the Eminent Technology II, with a carbon tube. The only problem with linear tracking tonearms is you need cartridges with a stiff damping, like the Zyx UNIverse etc. So far the Caeles as the Apolyt are the only fully air based systems I know today, meaning their platter is completely air based.
    The SPJ as a unipot design needs more and careful attention regarding all it’s parts.



  3. Every tonearm has pivots, but sometimes a more or less stiff metal contact is replaced by a ceramic one. Or a pivot is based on a more or less stiff airstream. I’m sure a very high pressure/flow per unit area airstream bearing can be tighter than a loose traditional “metal touches metal” type contact.
    Rgd complexity, i personally would not call it a “simple” design if a traditional metal or ceramic interface is replaced by an airstream…


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