In my loudspeaker system Bavarian Voice 88 the power supply for the field coil  is a very important part (see also:  a great power supply).

My SupraVox Woofer seems to be very sensitive on the power supply.


Having used standard industrial PS designs I was never really happy. My friend in Paris came with a logical idea, building a somehow vintage layout which I used in the last five years all the time.


Now, one part, the switch On/Off button, failed to work anymore. It just gave up loosing the lever. I had to replace the simple inner part carrying the lever. We did it with a “German Part”. Ok, nothing is serious about “that nationality”, just mentioning it. Maybe it will last now six years ore more…

When I put it into my car and made a snapshot for my friend I was puzzled by the difference between this kind of a “vintage part” and the future characteristic of the car.


6 thoughts on “Contrast

  1. That is an AC powered Power Supply? You are using an inverter to supply power from DC to AC then back to DC?
    It has also been proven that just adding batteries to the vehicle to run the stereo gear is the best way. No big capacitors A’s supply storage.
    Adding a dedicated battery will give you lots of current supply.
    Your Tesla is one big battery.
    It’s not very easy on the eyes either. 😉


  2. Dear Dave it is not a problem, as long you’ve got the means, how many times you go from ac to dc and vice versa.
    The real problem is that with this boat anchor there is no place for the three legged monstrous turntable and for a open reel magnetofone.(sic)


    • I figured Eckart got bored with home audio and was going to create a new tube audio system in his vehicle, lol.


  3. No it’s Transformer, Choke then capacitor
    If the engineer can’t see that it’s not good sign!
    Do not worry when I get bored by audio it will be time to leave…



  4. Eckart,

    I remember you writing about this power supply a few years ago. Is the bass response/control the advantage of a field coil driver over a permanent magnet dynamic driver? Is this the reason for choosing the field coil over the permanent magnet drivers? I suppose I don’t understand the advantage of having field coil drivers when used with such powerful amplifiers as yours.



  5. Norman,
    the field coil chassis is just faster – like a preloaded spring. You can also precisely change the efficiency factor as well as the T/S parameters of the build in chassis by changing the voltage supply.
    I would not go for other drivers in this segment.
    My tube amps do have 150 Watt.

    You are right, I like tubes but I have made a compromise when it comes to outdoor activities. The Tesla has an excellent sound system as most premium cars.



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