It might be a legend as not many sets were distributed by Toho in the golden age of turntables and tonearms. Now you see the Japanese brands are returning, so latest SAEC at the High End in Munich.

I received one T-2401 from a friend which has never been listed in Germany since 5 years. I went for it, figuring out that someone had changed the arm tube at the headshell ending as well as at the connection part (lower tube on the image).


No problem in this case I was able to return it having had the opportunity looking deeper into the mechanics of this “quite simple arm”.

s-l1600 (6)

s-l1600 (4)

Dietrich Brakemeier, the owner of Acoustical Systems, did develop a perfect solution for the six Toho arm-tubes of different materials by using his first and most premium tonearm, the Axiom.


Putting the various Toho arm-tubes into the especially built in connection part I today think that this is the best Toho-solution ever have been seen the light in modern times, much better than the T-2401 could be some 35 years ago.

As Toho was famous for building turntable parts it was their only excursion into tonearms, giving the user the chance  changing between different arm-tube materials, from glass to palisander.




4 thoughts on “T-2401

  1. Since the time when non-detachable arm-tubes and fixed headshells became the way to go, i am at a loss understanding (except for convenience other non-sound matters) why such complications as shown here in these vintage items might be desirable. Or is it, these overly puristic arms paved the way for that dreadfully successful CD convenience? Just joking…


  2. E.
    I have often found that the simpler less complicated tone arms are the ones that I prefer and seem to ‘sound’ better to me. I have never heard the Axiom, but I would imagine that with Toho’s expertise that the T-2401 is probably very good? It certainly looks the part from your photos, reminding me of some Grace and Audio Technica designs.

    Nice post. I would love to have such a collection of fine arm tubes to mount my favorite cartridges on for a quick comparison. =)



  3. Ralph,
    Today most turntable users go for only one TT with one arm and one cart. I remember times when we were exchanging tonearms and carts all the time. It is/was very convenient doing so. I began experimenting with SUTs from 2000 on, magazine writers followed on. In the meantime you saw SUTs on fairs and magazines until today. Btw. you may do a lot on CD reproduction. I have posted some interesting articles here.



  4. Norman,
    Yes, the Toho is very good – for it’s time. The arm tubes are built with exceptionally quality. I think it is hard to find them today as more and more is going the simple way. I remember pretty well when I discovered the first (!) SME tonearm (the real one!, not the copies or developed variants). My god, what quality had this detachable tonearm from the very first beginning (at the end of the 50ies of last century). Guess you had a look at the thread here on AudioCirc.

    Combining Toho and AC made up the ToXiom, one of my finest examples of bringing together old and new qualities. Another one is the SAEC WE 506/30 (with new silver cabelling), the SAEC WE 8000 (with new headshells), the SpJ (new adjusting, silver cabelling). I am not using silver which sounds dump (!!!), just the opposite, one will not oversee the difference when it comes to listening.



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