since quite a time I am using the hand build racks of Copulare. I also put vibration measurements (ArtDificial Coral)  of the same company under my tables etc.

As Copulare is over 30 years in the market many copy cats have tried to establish an image on behalf of Copulare. Other brands, especially in the US or Asia have continued on the tracks Copulare was laying.


Some special masterworks like the one above show the fully skilled handworks of the table platform, underneath dampened with layers of birch wood and sand.


The used material of Copulare is of high quality as you can see here on the opening of one stand. You may open it and fill it with sand or some other more heavy material to put more weight on the side.


Regarding the effects you have on your musical enjoyment there might be even more sophisticated and more expensive projects other companies advertise.

I am quite happy with the Copulare stuff I got and may motivate one looking for some serious  and innovative design on audio racks to get in touch with the builder. One advice, stay away from some exotic designs like the Mozart-Table…


2 thoughts on “Copulare

  1. Eckart,

    How nice to have a private listening area. My main hi-fi is in my living room, so my gear sits inside a very nice wooden ‘stereo cabinet’. Yes, I could really benefit from such quality audio racks and supports! However, most of us who have there systems in their living rooms must make sure that the system matches the decor of the room. One reason why my wife does not like the EMT turntable, (it’s too big) Same goes for my Crown 822 reel to reel (too ugly).

    Soon the EMT will have to go and my Crown 822 sits in a room downstairs with other pieces that I just can’t part with. You have no idea how good you have it! =)



  2. Norman,
    I understand the dilemma. I was sitting in a room with 22 sqm some 15 years ago. When I received one of my Copulare stands the manufacturer asked me if it wouldn’t be fine to have two meters more space behind the speakers? From that moment I started developing the idea building my own audio environment.
    It took me two years to study all necessary implications of a higher and larger listening room. I think I described it in one or two threads on this site.
    But be assured it is not finished yet. I will sell my Denon 100M. Despite it is a wonderful table I have to reduce my turntables as I always did. You will see what happens…



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