e.s.t. revived

ACT issued two more older e.s.t. albums on two records each, Seven Days of Falling and Strange Place for Snow. As I think these are some of the better masterworks of the Swedish Jazz Group e.s.t.  – never published before on vinyl – I really appreciate the quality of the recording/mastering (Emil Berliner Studios Berlin)/pressings.


4 thoughts on “e.s.t. revived

  1. Eckart,
    Seven days of falling is probably my favorite e.s.t album. I am wondering if there is enough tonal difference to purchase the LP? The compact disc is actually pretty good, though it has been a while since I have listened to it. Personally, I don’t really enjoy having multiple copies of titles to choose from. I find myself making notes to include in the liner so that when I go to it play again I’ll know which one I liked best. =)
    For me The Beatles are the worst. I have six different copies of Abbey Road, five of Sgt. Pepper and at least four different White Albums. I need to give away the ones I don’t listen too.
    Off to order an LP copy of Seven days of falling. See what your post do? =) My wife just looks at me and wonders?


  2. Norman,
    The quality of the Vinyl is superb. The recording was excellent as is the mastering at Emil Berliner Studios. You will definitely not become dissapointed. Six copies of Abbey Road maybe one too much 🙂



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