4 thoughts on “Ultra Eminent Bc

  1. Eckart,
    Beautiful, but I am wondering if a good carbon fiber headshell would sound better? Personally, I have never really cared for the sound of wooden arms, or headshells. They seem ‘soft’ somehow. It might even just be a psychological thing, knowing that wood is not as rigid as metal or carbon fiber. But I always thought I could hear the difference between them.


  2. Norman,
    a wooden headshell is not so rare as you might think. There are many different kind of wood, soft and hard ones. I prefer the Japanese woods, Koetsu did a good one, too. The one shown above I use since about 8 years with different kind of carts. Nevertheless you know that I am experimenting with many carts, headshells, silver and copper wire. And of course my biggest favorite are Step Up Transformers. Geometry is another topic. I could tell you how many people do not get out the best of their LPs due to wrong or incorrect settings. In the end it is not so difficult, you need to have a good teacher, maybe not the guy from the shop next corner. I have established a preference on carts for the Acoustical Systemsˋ Arche. Stereophile was talking about the Ultra Bc Eminent in the actual issue.



  3. You ´re right David, it is this unique headshell, made of hard Japanese wood. Keeping it in your fingers you will admire the artists capabilities. I only own one, nearly having ruined my budget… I will put more Images on the site.



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