Nils Wülker Decade Live

it is about time writing some words about Nils Wülker, the most prominent jazz musician in Germany playing trumpet besides of Till Brönner and Julian Wasserfuhr. Yesterday I had the chance to see the group playing live in Munich presenting their new Lp Decade.


despite drummer and bassist were missing in Munich the music itself is on the smooth side of Jazz, like Lee Ritenour or Dave Gruisin. Nils plays a beautiful sound on all brass instruments.


The LPs are recorded and cut in a very good quality, so it is a pleasure listening to it on a good system.


2 thoughts on “Nils Wülker Decade Live

  1. Eckart,
    Thanks for the heads up. I will be looking for this LP as soon as I finish here. Yes! Till Bronner is superb.
    Seeing the LP on your EMT now makes me wish I didn’t sell mine…. If only it were a little smaller. In my modest living
    room it was just too much for my wife. I need to move and find a home with a dedicated space for listening!

    Excellent photos and post!


  2. Norman,
    You will love it!
    My EMT is connected via a Western Electric 618B SUT to my vintage EMT phono 139a going to the EMT 66 preamp. A wonderful chain in terms of sound.
    You may need putting your system in a separate environment. You will enjoy and your wife too.



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