this is something for the audiophile connoisseur: Till Brönner and Dieter Ilg playing at Schloss Elmau with plenty of time, concentration on the music and its inner harmony.

Dieter Ilg, an ingenious bass player, contributes in his very special way to Till Brönner´ s wind instruments. This is excellent music on a High End niveau. I guess it could become one of the records for audiophile performances. Ilg´s two solo LP´s are on the same quality level.

2 thoughts on “Nightfall

  1. Eckart,

    Okay, I just ordered this. Oceana is one of my favorites. Seeing the LP on your EMT R80 really makes me miss my 927. Of all of your turntables the EMT is still my favorite! But it’s hard to stop thinking about the Brinkmann. Truthfully, the Brinkmann might be my second favorite of all of your turntables. I’m am surprised the audio world is a bit silent on Brinkmann and it’s unique approach to direct drive. That table is just about perfect.



  2. Well done Norman. Let me know your assessment.
    I have done various experiments with the SRA. Usually I bring the arm in a parallel to the record surface. Then I lift up the lower part of the tonearm just a little. The next step is using the Arche headshell which comprises two variants of setting the SRA to 92 percent to reach a groove-angle-compliant-SRA.
    Some sources say it doesn’t matter whether you keep an eye on exact SRA and VTA adjustment. My listening experience tells me differently.



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