…and the world got still.

when I went to the US in 2017 I heard in the radio that Tom Petty had passed away. I couldn’t believe it. I thought he was my age, in reality I am much younger…

Tom was a real rock ´n roller. I listened to him since the 90ies. The first I did was buying the Newsweek magazine at the next shop. Today I am fascinated by the new compilation put together by the two daughters. It is just excellent music in different alernative takes and Studio tapes.

We all know he was a member of the Travelling Wilburys just for the recording of many new treasures with Jeff Lyne, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison and George Harrison. He acted as Charlie T. Jnr. Wilbury!

Being addicted to music and live performances he did not take care of his health. Look at The Rolling Stones, are they more used to the live shows and travel business? I guess not. Maybe some wise consultants were missing.

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