When I heard that my friend on the other side of the planet bought a nice vinyl clamp comprising of Stainless Steel + DuraWings + PanzerWood I thought I should have a look at my collection:

The Harmonix and the brown big Kuzma are made of special wood but so far there is no heavy combination like my friend will have (see below a lighter version).


8 thoughts on “Clamps

  1. It’s a nice German-made clamp by HiFi Arte (Pathe Wings) of Berlin.
    The best clamp I’ve heard in my system is a vintage Yamaha one made of solid brass and hardwood.
    Will compare the Pathe Wings to this one when it arrives…..


  2. Mikael,
    Three are for measuring exact speed, the Sutherland, Kuzma (on the left) and the Allnic. Besides of the Kuzma you see the Continuum for pressing down the record on vacuum. The left one (above Kuzma) is the Brinkmann. If you turn it down (like with the Continuum) you fix the record. The lower right one is the Acoustical Systems, by pressing the inner button you ´ ll fix the vinyl.



    • Thanks for your answer. My question was do you use a clamp every you play a LP. Looking at some pictures of turntables playing on the blog, I saw that sometimes there’s a clamp, sometimes no. How do you choose to use it or not?


  3. Mikael,
    I am always using a clamp when playing a record. When you see an image without clamp it is to show the label of the record.



  4. Eckart,
    I began using a clamp to flaten out some records from the early 70’s and noticed an improvement in the bass response immediately. I have a friend who tells me he can hear the difference from a clamp made from wood, stainless steel and brass, even though the weight is the same of all three.
    That seems impossible to me. Maybe I need a better system, or better hearing?
    Nice collection E! I of course only own one record clamp. =)


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