Munich High End 2019 preview

quite some months ago the newly released Technics Direct Drive and some other Direct Drives e.g. from VPI set the analogue topics of the audio scene. Some companies were preparing new cabinets carrying the DD.

Now we are facing many shows of the TechDas Zero, latest with Michael Fremer presenting the table with Jacob Heilbrunn and Nishikawa San, the famous Micro Seiki designer.

The main innovations are on the motor (a modified vintage Studer Pabst drive) and the platter, deriving from different materials – you may compare with the AS Apolyt or the Caeles.

You may not see a real air bearing system as both, the Acoustical Systems Apolyt and the Gecom Caeles use. The American Sound 2000 has an outstanding air design, I did have an insight at the production site in Utah.

Regarding the damping of the table from the environment I am not shure how it will work with the TechDas Zero. I saw it at Munich High End, it carries an air based damping structure which works pretty fine. The sound during the demonstration was stunning good!

I am missing two motors from both sides as well as the possibility of carrying four arms. For a statement design in the listed price range of over 400 K I would ask for these options.

In the end we will see if this approach will lead to better musicality, which is the main focus justifying such an investment. I am pretty sure that Nishikawa San will compose a musical environment in Munich – and he did! The sound was great!

2 thoughts on “Munich High End 2019 preview

  1. E.
    The suggested asking price of this turntable is insane!
    Will it sound better than a quality half track machine playing second generation masters or even production tapes? No!, would be the answer.

    If I had this to spend, it would be on an Ampex atr-102 and a large collection of second generation masters.



  2. N.
    It is ridiculous. But the market only reacts when producers put insane price labels on the product, like with the SAT tonearm.
    I like it that they put my Studer tape motor as their new table drive (ha ha, have some more…).
    RtR is still the best way of enjoying high quality music. So your conclusion is completely correct!



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