Mono Messengers

I am using my old EMT and Ortofon Bakelite Mono carts as well as the new Coralstone, Cadenza Mono systems for playing my Mono records, on the EMT R-80 and on the doubler layer Micro desk.

I am always surprised how many information these carts are able to track, with the old records (OFD 25, TMD 25) and the newer narrow cut vinyl (OFS 15, Coralstone Mono, Cadenza Mono). Regarding the EMT Mono Bakelites I have to thank Jules Limon of EMT international, Switzerland.

Usually I do remember quite well dealing with Mono and EMT issues on the jointly administered blog Audio16 in the years 2011 to 2015. My friend in Paris and me dealt a lot about Mono when it came to rebuilding Phono-Suts etc.

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