3 thoughts on “Innovations at Munich High End 2019

  1. Eckart,

    The Thorens reel to reel looks fantastic! It appears playback only.
    Are there plans for a play/record machine?

    Thank you for the post. I’m looking forward to more.



  2. Norman,
    Yes, you are right the Thorens is only playback. And it is with some 16.000 Euro a bit too costly I guess.
    The Revox project from previous years doesn’t see to come into reality?

    Yes there will be more Information about Munich High End tomorrow.
    The TechDas Zero sounded excellent, and the Wilson Benesch Prototype seems very promising. At the Axiom Annyversary you may change Antiskating, weight on the fly and VTA precisely by a micrometer design.



  3. Eckart,
    The new Thorens looks superb! I understand that it is built by Ballfinger for Thorens, which means outstanding build quality. Yes, it’s expensive , but there will certainly be many orders.
    Studer/ReVox should have done this!



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