Top Vinyl

one of the greatest Spiritual / Modal Jazz LPs of all time on the cult Strata East label. Includes the superb tribute ‘John Coltrane’ and much more! High-quality pressing.

And Mabumi Yamaguchi. With Miroslav Vitous, Kenny Kirkland and Tony Williams, recorded in New York 1981.

2 thoughts on “Top Vinyl

  1. E.,
    Yes! Clifford Jordan is a master, and this is just one of many fine LPs from him. Are you familiar with Eddie Harris (Exodus)? More in the style of some later Coltrane works. Off to search for Mabumi Yamaguchi, as I am not familiar with that one.

    Modal Jazz is my favorite. Isn’t it everyone’s? =)

    Still trying to get my wife to like Coltrane. She’s more of a John Klemmer (Finesse) fan.



  2. Norman,
    I posted a set your wife will definitely like!
    Yes, Eddie Harris I am familiar with!!
    Modal Jazz is just great!!!



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