Good Lenses

as with every camera you are hardly relying on good lenses. Leica is one example in the higher region.

Regarding the Canon EOS R I went for two more lenses, the Sigma 35, 1.4 and the Zeiss Distagon 21, 2.0

I like the built quality of both lenses as well as the design, and of course the results with the combos.

A new Novoflex Adapter: EOS R on Leica M (Noctilux .95)

2 thoughts on “Good Lenses

  1. Eckart,
    What happened to the Denon 100m? I see that it has been replaced by the Victor. =\.

    Yes, nothing like a good collection of lenses. I am familiar with the Zeiss, as I have one for my Sony. I think I had a Sigma lens maybe 15 years ago and know that they are well respected.

    I have said it before, you are an excellent photographer Eckart. Really, the excellent photography adds so much to the enjoyment of reading this blog.

    Are you enjoying the Canon EOS R? I’ve recently been looking at the Canon DSLR line.



  2. Norman,
    The Denon 100M is still with me.
    Thank you. It is a big compliment from a professional photographer like you.
    I am currently on a short trip to Corsica with the EOS R. Let us see what will be the result…



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