It is Your Choice

Always writing about phono and music reminds me that part of the hobby is the difference of „diamonds“ we enjoy.

on top of the left Wavac Mono are the MMs, on top of the right Wavac Mono the Denon 103s.

what is not shown are the installed carts, like Kondo IOm, Goldfinger V2, Ortofon A95, Allnic Puritas, AS Palladian, My Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent Bc, EMT OFS 15, EMT OFD 25, Victor MC-L1000, Miyajima Premium BE (Mono), Miyajima Shilabe, Audio Technica ART 1000.


6 thoughts on “It is Your Choice

  1. Eckart,

    How true! However not all of have ‘diamonds’, most of us have ‘sapphires’. =) My phono cartridge collection, which I enjoy is very modest compared to yours and I do enjoy changing it up. You do however bring out a very good point. For example, I enjoy switching out my vintage amplifiers and pre-amplifiers from time to time for a different listening experience. I even have a collection of vintage receivers that I really enjoy and will listen too for months on end.

    Currently I am listening to my ancient marantz preamp and enjoying it’s lush mid-range paired with my Phase Linear 400 amplifier. This combo works extremely well. Sometimes an all tube system, sometimes all solid state. Today a little of both.

    I also find that I go through listening phases. For months at a time, I will only play records. Then just reel to reel. I even venture into my old cassette collection and will listen for days on end so surprised at how good they still sound after 45 years. (I have some real gems among them)

    A wonderful hobby. Music! Thank you again for creating a most enjoyable and informative blog.

    Cheers Eckart.


  2. Hi Norman,
    changing systems in your listening mode from time to time makes a lot of fun. RtR is perfect, we get an impression how it is that so much original audio tapes where lost in the big burn of UMG in New York. I also like listening to CDs, some remasterings, especially from Japan are great. But on top of that we love the Record Collection. I am always fearing what happens with all these fantastic vinyl when we need to leave the planet…
    Not today – this is the good news. Enjoy my friend



  3. E,
    MY current favorite cart is a Ortofon SPU A95. I have an opportunity to pick up a A90, how does it compare to a newer A95? I believe you’ve had both.

    Thank you,


  4. Hi Jeff,
    I would go for the A90. You have the SPU A95, which I also have. So no real need to pay a higher price for the A95. Ortofon said they were building only 500 pieces of the A90. Maybe you decide for a Century which might be the next logical step. Nevertheless the next is better than the next and so on (when you read the magazines).



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