2 thoughts on “Vinyl Cleaning

  1. Eckart,

    I will agree that there are some very good record cleaning machines today.
    You have two, yes? Unfortunately I have neither the space or the budget for such machines, so like many I clean by hand using an Audio Technica brush and I make my own cleaning fluid using a formula from the December 1996 Stereophile magazine.

    I am happy as my records are all mostly silent. A client of mine has an Audiodesk like yours. It is fast and does an incredible job of cleaning. I have brought him some of my ‘clean’ records to play on his Rockport table and he used the Audiodesk to show me how much better my records could sound.

    Is the Source Odyssey machine better then the Audiodesk?



  2. Norman,
    The Audiodesk is for the quick cleaning. The Source Odyssey will bring away all residues. You need to exchange the distilled water and the fluid in the Audiodesk Pro machine regulary. The Source Odyssey works with distilled water and Isopropyl alcohol (20 %).



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