it was widely published about the „New Miles Davis Record“, a session which took place between the records of „The Man With The Horn“ and „Tutu“, Miles Davis recorded between October 1985 to January 1986 for his new record label.

As I am a big fan of Miles this was a MUST for me. The music is pretty well recorded and pressed in high quality. Critics are different always pointing to the musical standpoint of the writers, some do not like „Paradise“ or „Rubberband of Life“. I love all periods Miles went through, I am not so much in the soulful corner (like „So Emotional“) but all other songs are exceptional! I go with old, funky, reggae, fusion jazz. Mike Stern on „The Wrinkle“, my god – what a song. If you do not get lost by playing these tunes you should visit a different hobby…

My carts Ortofon Century in the FR-66s as well as the Miyabi in the DV505 were tracking „The Rubberband Session“ in a spectacular way. After Coltrane’s forgotten record, „New Directions“, this is a new highlight in the Jazz-scene.

7 thoughts on “Rubberband

  1. Dear Eckart,
    I regularly follow the news on your webside and I am deeply impressed by the amazing gear you have and passion and dedication on hifi. Here, the term hifi really fits. However, one thing shocks me quite often and that is the software of the hardcore hifi fans. I would expect that people who dedicate much of their life time, must have heart a lot of different styles of music. Hence, I would also expect that they would focus more and more on rather individual stuff – in particular on music, which is very personal on a par with the dedication those music fans spent on the arrangement of their audio system. Even more so, I would expect those people to go on a hunt for great, passioante and well-crafted music like they do the hunt and searches for their audio gear.

    However, in many cases hifi fans’ music taste is shockingly trivial. They just go for the common stuff recommended to them in any art section of a newspaper. And here comes the surprise, even the newspapers gave the new Miles Davis album reviews being so bad that I could not believe it. And then I gave the album a listen and could not believe my ears. They have done such a crime to his trumpet playing. This ain’t Miles any longer and it is just making money with taking bits of hiy playing and printing his name on the cover. Damn! This is absolutely the worst stuff I have heart to be published under his name. Thou shalt not rob dead people! But they have done so.

    I recommended the album “Balls” by the trio of Brötzmann/van Hove/Bennink and other albums of that trio to you. The spectular music in particular Bennink’s percussion should give your audio system the right treatment!

    Best wishes


  2. Eckart,
    I am a huge Miles fan, especially of his ‘cool jazz’ period. But some of his 70’s and eighties efforts left me confused. I never really cared for the Jack Johnson period, and his mid eighties effort Decoy seemed to lack purpose and direction. So I might hesitate a little before buying this one.
    Your exciting review does have me curious however.



  3. Norman,
    Jack Johnson is a wonderful album. You need to buy a good copy, or SACD – one of Miles ´s best albums. Ah, it is like it is, sometimes we need introduction and guidance. You might enjoy both Jack Johnson and Rubberband – but both are different.



  4. Eckart,
    I have two copies of Jack Johnson, both first pressings. I will give it another listen, as it has been years. Who knows?


  5. Norman,
    at a quiet evening with a good glass of Scottish whisky 🥃 at hand you will enjoy. I am pretty sure. Miles Davis -Live around the world, one of his last recordings is a good choice too. See „The Last Miles“.



  6. E,
    You are correct, Jack Johnson is. A very good album. Michael Henderson and John McLaughlin along with Miles inspired paying makes this an interesting piece, right up there with Bitches Brew.

    I played this twice, read the liner notes and with iPad in hand discovered that in addition to those credited on the back cover, that Sonny Sharrock, Chick Correa, David Holland and Jack DeJohnette were the sideman for side two, which was a variety of recorded Jam sessions stitched together. Amazing, as this side really flows as good as side one!

    Today I will run out and get a copy of Rubber band. I of course retract my earlier remarks about Jack Johnson. =)

    Thank you Eckart! I still owe you a beer. (or a bourbon, or scotch)



  7. Norman, a good Dalwhinnie will make it.
    Great you like it. I knew it. The latest Chick Corea „Antidote“ is a fine Lp as well!


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