ToXiom on Denon

the ToXiom arm is an absolute individual production, bringing together the Acoustical System’s  superb Axiom tonearm and 6 TOHO tubes, fabricated of different materials like ebenoy wood etc. It is here played with a Shilabe cartridge. The sound is running via a Kondo M7 phonopre (by Sivercore SUT) allowing an excellent playback. The TTW carbon fiber mat is supporting the sound.

4 thoughts on “ToXiom on Denon

  1. Hi Eckart,

    I have a question regarding the match of the tonearm and the turntable: the Denon TT seems to be a spring isolated system (Subchassis-Player as we say in German), the tonearm seems however to be mounted on a stable basis that is not spring islated, correct? The reason I am asking this is the following: I just inherited a Braun PS 500 Subchassis TT and I just received it completley overhauled. Now I want to combine the player also with a second tonarm (just a spare Jelco SA-250) on solid concrete basis. Does this sonically work, so having a spring isolated turntable platter and a tonearm mounted on a non-spring basis?

    Happy to get your feedback, since you’ve been already playing around a lot more that me with different turntable setups (I am still on the beginners’ side :-))




    • Hi Markus,
      The traditional philosophy in the turntable/tonearm discussion claims that a tonearm should always be connected to the table, fixed or somehow mounted. We have discussed since quite some time why shouldn’t it be possible using isolated tonearms without connection? A tonearm separated from the turntable is an option in my eyes. Please look up „Copernicus was right“ on this block.

      My ToXiom is fixed on a 25 kg aluminum stand, staying on a flat leather fabric which touches the Artificial Coral platform. You may try to put your separate tonearm on a non-spring bases, just check how it sounds.
      I am using an Ikeda silver wired switch between the three tonearms and the Silvercore SUT, an individual design of Acoustical Systems.



      • Hi Eckart,

        thanks very much for your reply and also the link to your article you published some time ago. I will give it a try and see, what results I will get! My stand is much lighter, but I think 3 kilos of concrete (tonarm stand is from Konne Design) should be enough for the Jelco tonearm.

        Best and thanks for sharing your experiences with us,



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