Lyra Olympos

what you need to do is keeping the interconnections in a phono chain stable and absolutely on high grade mentioning the material and the connectors used. My geometry is UNIdin.

the gauge inside of the UNIprotracter of AS is the best geometry I have ever tested among all the others, it is the UNI- DIN, which is also part of the SMART-Tractor, the more modern and more easy to use protractor than my system, but my one does also include a PS2 (distance) meter – very helpful!

9 thoughts on “Lyra Olympos

  1. For Me the most important issue is not cables, but the importanse of using the ” VdH The Grail” as my amplifying solutution. It is a “no brains” solution of finding a load, it is made automatically!


  2. Hello Eckart,
    I would like to know what you call UNIdin ??
    I learnt from you the importance of rewiring tonearm with silver wire, I didn’t need to test it, I felt in my bones this was the way to go. Dietrich made a superb job with my SAEC-8000 and my two Exclusive’s EA-03. My humble contribution was asking him to eliminate the 5-pin DIN connectors, going direct from cartridge pins to the RCA’s. We will know the results soon.

    Hugs from Argentina.


  3. Claudio,
    I mean the UNI-DIN geometry developed by Dietrich.Mentioned it in the thread (with picture). It is a all-new and advanced tangential curve which offers better sound on all stereo records..

    Hugs to Argentina


    • Thank you Eckart. I got it now. It was not clear for me because I thought you were speaking of cables. I do also have the Dietrich protractor (full) kit.

      To Norman, I found the same as you, basically I likeded much more my cartridges with loads values of 5K, 10K and 15K than lower than 1K. Anyway, for the system I’m assembling we will use the Analogue Production Test LP plus the Audio Precision device. From there we can try a fine tune by ear but the AP let you see the curve response in real time.



  4. Gentleman,
    I too have rewired using silver. I have also found many times that the suggested or recommended load doesn’t always yield the best results. Often I will experiment with the load until I find what sounds best in my system.



    • Norman,
      These are original Micro-Seiki bases. They are positioned on a very stable aluminum stand with a precise knob for taking up different Micro-Seiki bases.


  5. Non+ultra is a true tangential air arm. After moving I had to retire my Maplenoll Ariadne due to noisy air supply (complaints).
    I hope to find a noiseless one, but it takes a lot more air pressure than aquarium pumps supply. Any suggestions?


    • Michael,
      You may use the Kuzma Airline latest model, maybe, or an older version. In that case you order without pump. I have the best working pump for this arm, a Siltech. It stays in my depot (not very old) as I am using the big Duerr Technik compressor for my air bearing Caeles II and at the same time for my Airline.


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