Setting the exact Azimuth

As I wrote before the new Sperling PDM-1 supports me in adjusting the Azimuth on my tables & carts, which I did before visually with quite some good results.

This measurement shows the Azimuth is a very little left bounded. The PDM-1 will be active after 5 minutes due to the two build in amplifiers. The 1kHz signal picked up from the record provides three results, for the left and right channel and an additional one for the difference between the channels – quasi a magnifier.

When turning the connection block of the headshell in the clockwise direction you change the Azimuth a little into the exact position.

This picture shows the difference measurement (when playing the 1kHz signal) between the two channels after correction.

in this case it was just a small adjustment. Nevertheless it improves the tracking.

6 thoughts on “Setting the exact Azimuth

    • Dear Henry, It is not as much as it looks with its perfect manufacturing on wood and material. The inside amplification Is excellent. You need to see it. The whole package is around 1700 Euro. If you have many carts as I think you do it is worth a try.



  1. Very reasonable….
    Have you checked all your cartridge set-ups E?
    Would have been ideal to do over the covid lock-down…..


  2. Not yet Henry but will do. It is a very good instrument for the fine and precise electronical alignment. The magnifier (sensibility, two upper right knobs) is a good tool, much better than the Fozgometer. This one you had to initially adjust after receiving it. But no one told it when it was sold. The Sperling PDM-1 is ready to use. In my first case it is a very small deviation. So let´s see how it is with the other carts. Maybe I will be surprised 😮
    To give you an idea. Sperling says in his manual, a deviation up to 10% is in the normal range. All other deviations need to be corrected „on the spot“.



  3. Dear Eckart,
    Please, do you have the tool for lifting the top platter of the denon DP-100M ?
    If yes, would you be so kind to tell me what is the thread M? and pitch ?
    I would like to replicate this tool for my personal use.
    Thank you and kind regards,


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