4 thoughts on “Turntables & Eels

  1. Eckart,
    You need to add new photos of your listening space. What is the table in the on the far side of the EMT? Do you still have the Caeles?

    Personally, maybe just keep the EMT and the Denon. Once set up, both are trouble free and built to run 24 hours a day. With all of your auxiliary arm pods, you can still enjoy sampling various cartridges and tone arms quickly.

    Also, you have the amazing EMT 66 JP, something I didn’t have with my EMT.
    I can’t imagine how it could get any better.



  2. Norman,
    The table in the background is a Micro Seiki SX8000 II with a SDP double plate from AS carrying the AS Axiom Titan, the Kuzma Airline and the EMT Banana arm (original one). The one before the R80 is the Continuum.

    Of course I still have the Caeles II. Will do some pictures of the room in some weeks.

    I am using the EMT JPA66 also as a pre driving some lines via the Kondo M7.
    This is a great unit I was able to give some hints to the developer when it was launched at Munich HE. You are right on this combination, also with the EMT R80.



  3. Eckart,
    I am familiar with the Continuum. I have a client who has one, without the Cobra arm however. Excellent table, silent very reliable. I don’t believe he has ever had an issue with it.

    I don’t remember you having the Micro Seiki 8000. I know you have had other Micro decks in the past.
    Has the Kondo replaced the Audio Research as your main preamplifier? I am going to look through some of your posts to see it you talk about this.



  4. Norman,
    I am using two preamp lines, the Audio Research 40 and EMT JPA66.
    AR 40 is serving Caeles II (with Allnic), Brinkmann (with KondoM7), Denon M100 (with KondoM7), Continuum (with Boulder 2008). EMT JPA 66 is serving R80 (with Dual EMT 139 Mono), Micro Seiki 8000II (with KondoM7 and EMT JPA66 phono).

    I can switch between both lines by a very intelligent, short, silver wired system mounted at the WAVAC amps opting which preamp (line) runs to the amps.You see I have several phono preamps and transformers . Maybe I should write a bit on the transformers, an older article is on the blog. They are very decisive when it comes to the right adjustment of a cartridge to the used phono stage.

    My two Kondos are just phono stages, no preamps.



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