Umami Red

The new cartridge from Hana (Blüte, blossom) is a real masterpiece coming from Japan. The Duralium body features an ebony wood inlay at the front. Besides of a Boron cantilever the rare earth comarium/cobalt magnet offers very good electro-magnetic energy of the Umamis musical design.

I heard different opinions about this cart. Trusting a good friend of mine who is a High End testing person I invested into this lovely red painted body which is a Urushi lacquer. It is not as expensive as my favorite carts like Ortofon 100, AS Palladian, Lyra Titan, Lyra Olympos.

I used the new Tom Petty Wildflower 7-LP Edition on the Continuum with its SAEC WE 8000 tonearm leading to the Boulder 2800 at a 100 Ohm resistor.

The sound is very surprising. I never heard such a relaxed and homogenous exposure as the Umami Red comes along with. It is not really soft, it drives the punch but always with a kind of musical enclosure putting you back into the seat. It catches you but leaves you in a mindful readiness to listen.

Maybe the cart of the year!

One thought on “Umami Red

  1. Esta capsula hana umami red es un fuera de parámetro fantástica capsula ahora estoy buscando el ángulo de 20 o22 grado de esta capsula el punto caliente a oído…


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