Room Tuning

although I have a fully planned and perfectly tuned room (see „Audio Circ Interview“) I found a set of Harmonix room devices in my reservoir and do consider using it. So I thought what about installing these 18 discs without covering the ceiling? Here we have a balanced tuning inlay (see …“some 15 years ago…“).

I put the discs to the 4 walls as shown in the description.

The record I put on after having finished the installation is John Scofield/Pat Metheney – I can see your house from here – in the Blue Note/Tone Poet edition.

I guess I need some more listening sessions to hear the difference 🤔 as I am a friend of Harmonix products. Nevertheless the music & recording is excellent.

2 thoughts on “Room Tuning

  1. E.,
    This is very interesting and I would imagine difficult to set up and tune. Personally, I’ve never done any room tuning as my listening room like many is my living room. My only adjustments are an occasional twist of the bass or treble on my ancient marantz 24.

    Keep us posted, you have me curious.



  2. Norman,
    In this case it makes sense to try the Harmonix discs. The only issue is they are currently sold for a pretty high amount, so better test it out. It should produce a harmonical high frequency acoustic spectrum by mechanical stimulation of the discs.



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