the Monophonic phono preamp ( is a true Mono one! Coming with the additional PSU 1.2 (right unit) it is here put on low gain (see the yellow jumper of the left unit right above).

The 4 step GAIN switch on the backside of the Monophonic unit results in +31 / +41 / +47/ +58/ (+68dB via the two red jumpers) amplification. Using the XLR output (AS transformer, small silver box at the left upper side) you may put it to 74 dB amplification when moving the two red jumpers in front of the AS transformer. Just do this by bridging pin 2 & 3 of the total 4 pins with one jumper. You will then boost the output level of 775 mV ( Hifi) onto 1,55 V (studio level at sound places for XLR output).

After switching ON you need to turn the GAIN switch from lowest to the highest step. Then all relays are reset to Zero. From that on all GAIN steps are set like you selected.

Okay. I connected my EMT R 80 turntable with the Monophonic unit (7). I used the appropriate impedance Ohm of 50 but also the 150 Ohm which Dirk Sommer recommended in Image Hifi-Tunes 2006 – Das Anlagenbuch, of the Coralstone Mono by setting the S8 switch on the Input Load to ON (upper position), and later on 200 Ohm (S7 + S8) for the Ortofon C. Before I put the one red jumper (inside) onto High Gain.The electric connection between the PS 1.2 and the Monophonic is set by a special cable between power input (1) at the Monophonic unit and the DC2 power output at the PS 1.2

Now I selected the second Line input of the EMT JPA-66, such using the EMT as preamp (not as phono) and let the music flow from the Coralstone Mono cartridge via the Monophonic.

The Mono music is such natural you may not get it from other combos. I believe this is really a True Mono Super Sound. Everything is deep, strong and warm. You have the imagination that the instruments are in front of you. You feel the pressure in a harmonious way. Great Machine! Need to listen to Earl Hines „Once Upon a Time“, in Mono…

Ortofon Cadenza Mono

3 thoughts on “Monophonic

  1. I’m following your system with great interest. I already recommended you Tedeska cartridge. If is possible, please contacto to Mr.Lee of Tedeska in Berlin. I have used during long time Koetsu but Tedeska is superior to Koetsu or any other mono cartridges. Classical Ortofon taste plus full hi-end definition, clarity, gain, deep, extension in high, low… please try.


    • Dante,
      I know Tedeska. So far I have the following Monos:

      – Miyajima BE
      – EMT TMD 25
      – Ortofon Cadenza
      – EMT OMD 25
      – EMT OFS 15
      – PC E25B
      – PC E25 78NT
      – Ortofon Fonofilm Diamond
      – Ortofon Fonofilm Saphire
      – Koetsu Coralstone Mono
      – Ortofon M-Mono



      • Dear Dante,
        I had a very interesting exchange with Mr.Lee (Tedeska). In the end he was not willing to send me a cart (review cart). So, this is a lost chance! Sorry for Tedeska!



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