No. 11

having enjoyed the replicant No. 100 in the MC Century very much in the last year this very special diamond I do rate as one of the best in the High End phono industry. After having implemented the True Mono Monophonic pre in one of my phono chains it was obvious I would look out for a similar Mono cartridge design, in case I really wanted to go for another one (see my comment at the Monophonic thread).

I was discussing with my two friends of Image Hifi, my beloved dealer and the man who knows most in my phono business, Dietrich.

In the end the material – the body is made of Titanium like the Lyra Etna Mono – the replicant 100 and the design convinced me going for the Ortofon A Mono.

Many people think Mono ist just a reduction of the full scope of music you might not really enjoy when listening to these records. It is so different, more depth, more power, more emotion and more musical temptation when you are swimming in a Mono stream of a good true Mono chain, in contrary to feeding the stereo signal at some amps by switching the Mono button.

Some of my friends argue that Mono is a nieche, you may not get the records you are looking for, and in most cases it might be very expensive, especially when you go for well preserved old Mono records. Yes, it is somehow similar to the tape business but you ´ll find also new Jazz records of old recordings in Stereo and Mono (!), and it is cheaper than buying master tape copies.

You might find out the technical specifications of the A Mono on Ortofon ´s web site. The magnet system, the damping, diamond, coil wire protection brings together a professional approach you will expect when dealing with Ortofon.

It was a long night yesterday and even today I came out of my listening room to enjoy the sunny weather on the veranda for just a moment.
So what should I say about the A Mono? It is a terrific and extraordinary cartridge, maybe because of the architecture of the layout, the used titanium and the superb replicant No. 100. In about 100 years this was the latest design Ortofon did – and they did well! The soundstage is such clear and boosted in the bass, maybe also because it is running via Mr. Fehlauer´s True Monophonic pre. I am bonded to my chair and I have to say it that way. One after the other I pick out my Mono records, discovered some originals I did´nt really know about that I got them. Miles Davis etc., most are Jazz ones.

if you never had the chance listening to a True Mono Chain pls. do so and come back to me telling your observations. I appreciate. A Mono – happy to give it a hug.

6 thoughts on “No. 11

  1. That‘s funny. I have also a ortofon a mono and a monophonic pre from audiospecials. On my turntable (PTP Solid) it‘s an absolute joy to listen to my mono records. I can highly recommend the cartridge and the phone pre. Enjoy listening.


  2. E.,
    Sounds wonderful. I really need to improve my phono section when it comes to listening to mono records. At the moment the only two preamps I have are the marantz 24 and marantz 7. I recently switched back to the 7 because of the Columbia phono equalization setting as I have several that I enjoy listening too, but even that is a huge compromise. There is so much more one can do, as I learn every time I read one of your posts.
    I was explaining this to my wife and she just looks at me and says”Buy whatever you want, just make sure you sell something”. Not sure where that leaves me, as I am running out of things to sell. =)
    Excellent post. I’ll keep wishing for now.


  3. Hi Norman,
    your wife is on the realistic side. Someone told me this too and I replied „I did so recently on the Studer tapes (RtR)“. Maybe I have to sell some of my carts (one day). I am glad you are listening to Monos! Here is one recommendation (in Stereo): Monty Alexander – Love you madly, mastered by Bernie Grundmann and Shai Maestro – Human. High quality and really good music!



  4. E.,
    Thank you for the Monty Alexander recommendation. I just ordered it. I see it’s a limited edition LP.


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