Light my Fire

EMT JPA-66 Phono- & Pre-Amplifier with 2014 Update.

I would like to explain the connections I am testing at my EMT JPA 66.

My unit comes with the following inputs:

Two line inputs using the JPA 66 as a preamplifier, Line 1 and Line 2

Four phono inputs: Phono 3 for use with an external MC step up trafo, Phono 4 for MM carts, Phono 2 for low impedance MC carts like SPU or FR, Phono 1 for normal MC carts like EMT.

My phono input 3 is MC + SUT. I do use it for a Mono chain, Ortofon M -Mono, Silvercore SUT 1:20.

I use the Kondo M7 MM phono pre with a SUT like the Ortofon T1 and connect it to the line 1 input.

Using a silver distributor (switch) allowes me to go for two phono lines , the WE 618B with my EMT 139 dual mono (=Stereo) phono pre, and the Monophonic phono pre to the same line input 2 (again True Mono with Pierre Clement). I may change between the lines by my switch.

At the MM Input (Phono 4) I have another silver distributor (switch) which allows me to use another true Mono line with the Banana (EMT Mono Bakelite 65) plus the Miyajima Mono SUT / and the silver FR AGT-5x with the Palladian in the Airline. I am able to switch between the lines here too.

This phono & preamp is not as easy to use at it looks – but this is the idea behind the concept enabling many different ways for the real phono connoisseur. You may play around with SUTs and different carts. It is always a joy to reach the best results.

As the JPA 66 is an excellent preamplifier the real assets are the phono inputs allowing tuning the high and low tones in accordance to the used recording technologies – varia curve (my simplification). I like following the Mono trail with this unit. It is an absolutely modern design concept comprising excellent tubes and internal step up transformers.

2 thoughts on “Light my Fire

  1. E.
    Are you running the JPA66 through your Audio Research preamp, or are you using the JPA66 as a preamp by itself?

    Excellent post Eckart. I wish I had this type of flexibility with my photo stage, even though I use MM more than MC, they still benefit from fine tuning the load settings.



    • Norman,
      I have two preamplifiers, the Audio Research 40 and the EMT JPA 66. I do use the switches on the terminal of the WAVAC amps to go from 40 to 66 and reverse. You see it on the WAVAC thread on one of the images (small black unit).
      These switches are made of finest silver wiring as does the short Audioquest cable connecting to the input of the WAVACs. Thus enabling a good sound without great potential loss of the signal.

      Complexity is nice but you also see the issues one is faced with having too many units. I know I should sell some but it will not change the layout structure of my system.
      MM is fine, nevertheless some of the MCs provide a deep experience of the recorded material. Just take the Neumanns. MI is also quite interesting. In the last years with the carts having been developed to lower output levels the difference is listenable. MM is easy in the replacement service.

      I know that some audiophiles prefer a „reduce to the max“ approach. Friends told me you will arrive there one day. But I need my experimentational setting, also comparing carts etc.

      Thanks for the exchange, always welcome Norman


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