This is the machine room of my system – Direct-heated triodes combined with single-ended, class-A tube monoblock power to make this amp an absolute beast. The Japanese audio brand threw everything it had into this special 10th anniversary model, redesigning an all-new, highly isolated power circuit and housing every innovative element into a 60mm solid aluminium chassis, finished in gold champagne comprising 150 W.

the silver wired switch on the right side shifts from the Audio Research Anni 40 to the EMT-JPA 66 preamplifiers.

Michael Fremer stated on the SH 833: „You’ll hear more extended amplifiers on top, better-damped ones below, and more powerful, punchy, and dynamic ones all around. But I doubt you’ll hear an amplifier that delivers the effervescence, transparency, and solidity of live music—all kinds of live music—as convincingly and effectively as does the Wavac SH-833.
But when everything is right, the Wavac SH-833 will produce magical, musically fulfilling sound that you’re not likely to forget. As one audiophile friend remarked after listening to a few tunes, “I’ve never heard anything like that before.” He meant that it sounded more like real music.
These are easily the most musically sensual, delicate, wrap-your-musical-heart-around-them, physically and emotionally palpable amplifiers I have ever heard“

I do agree with Michael!

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