African Beat

Some of my favorite music comes from Africa, a lot recorded in the Paris- and West-African studios.

The latest record is Ballake Sissouko ´s exceptional tunes. He is a Kora master playing music of beauty and high -power beam. I may recommend all shown artists.

2 thoughts on “African Beat

  1. Eckart,
    Some music I actually don’t have yet. I might pick one and give it a listen.
    Noticing your turntable, makes me wonder, is the Kuzma your best tonearm?

    Nice post!


    • Norman,

      I got some more on CDs, quite a lot! These musicians are wonderful artists. I do believe this is where the music started off some day. Maybe go for Tinariwen or Habib Koite.
      The Kuzma Airline is one of two tangential arms I do have. Combined with the AS Palladian it is a strong answer (😍) to the listener. My best arm is the one in the foreground of the 1st image.



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