She had one of the greatest voices in Pop-history. Some might think the music is a bit outdated, R&B and Disco is not the latest trend. Nevertheless I was curious to listen to this 35th anniversary edition. It is said that there was an analog tape transfer. Either the mastering engineers did not do a very good job when transferring to vinyl, or it was stored on a digital format during the process. Also the computerized drum machines of that period could have had an influence. The vinyl is clear, precise but a bit too much focused on the voice. I cannot hear the warmth in my chain it should deliver. This is definitely not an audiophile issue as I did expect. Anyway it is a nice look back into Whitney Houstons vocal abilities.

Btw. when I put on SAGA ´s latest LP Symmetry („SAGA plays SAGA“), new acoustic versions rearranged and performed by the band, the full audiophile theater awaited me. A beautifully made recomposition of the last 40 years. Acoustic is a bit misleading as all instruments can be heard.

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