New Plinth

made from Canadian wild oak massive wood my carpenter developed a completely new plinth for the Pierre Clement Mono system. The rubber based mounting suspension was carefully implemented. With the new improvements regarding rewiring, complete system/needle repair and energy transfer this unit is pretty well optimized.

2 thoughts on “New Plinth

  1. Eckart,

    Well done! Looks very nice. I love this little turntable. I was thinking, the tonearm is 9-10 inches in length. Yes?
    How do you control anti-skate? Is there a provision for this?

    I smile at this Eckart. The most turntables I ever had at one time was three. Now I am down to one. I don’t know how you do it…. too many choices. =)



    • Norman,
      You ´re right, 23 cm = 9 inch is the tonearm in length. As I drive the cart with 5,5 p. we do not need any anti-skating. This is a kind of robust maneuver 😂 as we also see it with the Neumann carts. No provision at all – of course 🤣.

      It is not only playing music, it is more than that. Each table/phono pre/SUT/tonearm/cart has its own characteristic. You know that. Coming back to Mono I experience a juvenile resurrection when running the Pierre Clement over the Monophonic phonos…



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