The RMAF has just announced calling off the 2021 show and at the same moment closing its doors forever !

What a development! I went there two times, in 2011 and in 2017 last time. Enjoying also the city of Denver, the Rocky Mountains area, including Bolder etc. this used to be a nice meeting of audio enthusiasts and real audio lovers. I went there with a good friend from Atlanta, who at that time had a music theater, the Variety – Steven Harris.

RMAF seemed to have run out of steam a few years ago and the new venue received decidedly mixed reviews.

In the US it was also a good starting point visiting my friend David in Utah (red rocks on this blog) and members of my family in Houston and Atlanta.

Good memories will still remain. I was able to listen to Harry Pearson and other magazine writers during a High End audio conference. The record shop was another good opportunity traveling back to Germany with some good music. All gone now…

Currently I am not able travelling to the US while vaccinated US people may visit us. What kind of policy is this? The US has changed a lot in the last 10 years. It seems the government doesn ´t take notice of the Europeans or the rest of the world. The withdrawal out of Afghanistan is the next blow (without talking to their allied partners) which looks like we see a moral and ethic change. A dramatic and deplorable shift in foreign policy, just concentrating on the local issues. Land of the free where are you going to??

6 thoughts on “RMAF … R.I.P.

  1. Eckart,

    Love the photos! Yes, we are all missing the trade shows, the time with friends and music. At least we can enjoy a beer long distance with Zoom.

    Your photos make me long to purchase another reel to reel… I’m trying hard to put that behind me and focus on LP’s and … yes cassette. (Although I still have all of my reel to reel tapes, just in case). =)

    Enjoy my friend. Thank you for your blog posts! Always refreshing.



  2. Norman,

    yesterday evening I had your beer. Skol!
    Yes we may have really some self pitty not having the opportunity to attend music shows 🥲.
    Nevertheless in November I will go to France participating in a very nice DIY circle of famous High End guys. It will be organized by Tim, my long time Audio16 partner. I will show and experiment with my self built dual mono EMT 139 phono – a very special one, having exchanged many parts by Mundorf caps (see „vintage, phono part I“ and „vintage, phono part II“) etc.

    May I put your focus to a very interesting discussion on What’s Best Audio:
    The importance of VTA, SRA and Azimuth – pics, 16-18. Airbearing is me.

    I lost a bit the access to tapes in the last time. My two beloved tape recorders are now standing in Taipeh. Should be in a nice environment as I heard.
    Pat Metheney is busy publishing during the Covid pandemia. His concert in Munic is always delayed, now in spring 2022. His latest record is: Side Eye NYC, a September 2019 record (before the virus came over us), a CD in excellent quality and music. This is a must buy CD!



  3. E.,
    I read the conversation…this is way beyond me. I use a protractor, set the proper anti skate using a groove less LP, and the stylus force per the manufacturer recommendation. If and only if I get sibilance I may lower the tonearm tail down a bit from level. Then I’m done.

    I will play with cartridge loading from time to time to achieve what I hear is a best result. But I don’t own the equipment , nor do I have the expertise to tackle what you,gentlemen are trying to achieve. It seems from reading that there isn’t any agreement in addressing the cartridge Zenith error or even how to actually determine it. I’m not even sure I would, know what to listen for.

    Not having the EMT or Oasis any longer, my Dual 1229 and Garrard 301 are pretty basic. I’m using a Grace 747 on the Dual and a SME 3009 on the Garrard.
    The Dual is the better turntable and gets the most play here. Set up for both is very simple and easy. I need to reread the discussion again. This WallyZenith sounds interesting. Have you ordered this?



    • Norman,

      M.Fremer assisted his friend Wally who died a few years ago. Now he wants to support his successors. Forget the Zenith. No one needs a correction. Just send your carts back to the selling company asking for a proper diamond in case you ´ll find a failing setting.
      The Zenith seems to be very important cause they want to sell alignment tools – which is bullshit stuff.
      No one needs it, not in the last 60 years nor in the future.



  4. Eckart,

    You made an excellent point on that thread about holding the manufacturer responsible for poor quality styli mounting.
    Thank you (again) for your straightforward comment and advice.

    Someday… we’re gonna have that beer Eckart. Hopefully in Germany when I home for family.. Are you far from Amberg?




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