4 thoughts on “The Munich music palace

    • Oh yes, Henry, the Nakamichi TX is gone but the tonearms SAEC WE-8000 and the Eminent Technology (Tonearm 2) are still looking for a new owner. I have a wonderfully working, small and quiet vacuum pump to support the fantastic ET 2.
      I am also selling another Fidelity Research FR-66s in excellent shape and the Continuum Copperhead with Ikeda silver wiring.



  1. Eckart,
    I remember seeing the demo of this table at CES Chicago, and thinking to myself that it was brilliant. You “could” really hear the difference when the table centered the LP. Wow, I thought there would be a long wait for anyone interested in spending just over $8,000 US in 1982.

    Reflecting on your collection, I think you’ve had all the good ones! I don’t remember who actually built the turntable for Nakamichi. I need to,look it up.

    So, I’m curious.. did you enjoy it? Great post!



    • Norman,

      Micro-Seiki was given the contract by the Nakamichi owner.
      Yes, I enjoyed it. It was my collecting and repairing period, I had to „rejunivate the Naka“, came from Hawai, went to New York.



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