Alignment Tools

For all my TTs and tonearms I am using different protractors. The above model is a combination of distance (P2S) and various templates, from UNIdin to Loefgren, special tonearms like RMG 309, Continuum, SME, SAEC 506, WE-8000 etc. which will be exchanged in the middle of the black gauge plate.

In the first image you see the upper right one which is designed for the Aquilar (10“), the upper left one is a SMARTtractor by Acoustical Systems. I like to be precise in tonearm alignment and cart adjustments, wouldn ´ t join the camps of eye-sight and guess-how users.

You might also find a very good description and alignment handling at GECOM Technologies GmbH.

2 thoughts on “Alignment Tools

    • Well, maybe check out the SMARTractor – it works on all tonearms, 5 tangential curves (one of them uniquely available with the SMARTractor only) and with unmatched precision …”



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