Best True Mono

Playing my mono records via the Audiospecials Monophonic phono stage & the Ortofon A Mono in the SME 3012 (I – the real one!) I do enjoy the play of Jethro Tull´s mono recording of „This Was“.

using my balanced cables I put the red jumpers on balanced and the yellow one on high gain (different than shown in this picture, it was put for Pierre Clement, low gain, here).
I also put off the jumpers behind the transformer, therefore reaching quite a low output gain via the XLR connectors and at the same time switched the MM/MC selector to position 2 (small increase!). Wonderful Mono sound!
We do not believe, 2 times RIAA, it was just an attempt – but due to the Monophonics & Boulders technology something really magical has happened.

The Boulder 2008 supports the line in MM-Mode. I believe it is a pleasure looking into these wonderful mono sessions.

One thought on “Best True Mono

  1. Hi,
    I found this website from what’s best forum , and you are commenting the boulder 2008. I am planning to buy a good phono to match my 0.2 Mv lomc cart, can share me the noise level during idle, sound quality , etc? I only can afford this price range , the latest model it’s too expensive to buy,

    Thank you


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