sometimes its about the small things…

… which improve the sound. Maybe some people will not believe that exchanging the fuses will have a serious effect when listening to your beloved music.

In my case I was advised by a digital audio lover that exchanging the standard dCS fuse in my Bartok by a different product from Refine Audio would have some impact on my enjoyment. It really does! The sound is more firm, crispy and with more grip.

There is no objective factor which makes one fuse “better” than another. All that they need to do is fail when an electrical fault occurs so their electrical rating and provenance is important . However many hold that different fuses can result in changes of sound. These changes can affect all of its parameters or only some. In my case i realized a change of sound – to the better one!

The fuse is primarily a safety device and is there to protect life and property. A blown fuse should always be replaced with the same value (!!!) that shipped with the unit. In my case it is a T 1A L fuse. Some companies like Synergistic Research have started making a big business in this field, one fuse goes for 200 USD, others for 600 USD each. I payed not more than 50 Euro – for a pair.

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