A great table

using the Accurion platform which is electronically balancing the heavy Criterion I get the best out of the 3D tonearm. The Goldfinger v2 in the Cobra arm brings the signal to the Boulder phono stage. I am very happy with this installation as all improvements were done time by time.

The bearing and the special plate for the Cobra tonearm.

2 thoughts on “A great table

  1. Eckart,

    Beautiful turntable. Did this come with the Copperhead tonearm originally?
    I think yours is the only one I’ve seen with the Cobra tonearm. Wonderful sounding arm but very difficult to set up properly, or at least that’s what Fremer says.

    Not a big fan of the new Obsidian table. I’m not being fair however. I’ve never actually listened to it, I just don’t like the way it looks. I’m sure like all of Continuum Labs tables it’s superb.

    Excellent photos. Nice post Eckart! I so enjoy reading your blog.



    • Norman,
      The Cobra arm I bought separately in Germany. It is not so easy to mount and install it on the Criterion. You need a special inside base from Continuum to lift the platter a little. The Copperhead arm is for sale, I am using a new silver based wiring to bring it into a really good shape. Both arms are 3D designed.

      Do understand Fremer, who wanted to exchange carts pretty often. The Continuum arms are not designed for testing as you need to fix counterbalance plates in the rear of the arm. It works pretty well but Fremer moved to the SAT experience. Continuum was at its hight when they stopped/delayed their turntable production due to inner conflicts inside the management team thus also leading to build up Constellation. They were great not only in the massive building of the table but in the end also in the software design supporting their concepts.

      The current table is a smaller unit. I think they really lost track on developing new tables after some engineers left the company. The Viper arm is indeed the Copperhead one. The anti vibration idea implemented into the Caliburn table was improved by my installation, I do think so. It was said they had some software problems with the Caliburn which was later fixed with the new Criterion design.
      Anywhere it is a pity how the company declined.

      Yes, it is a great table & arm. It is not easy to build it up and bring it to a good performance, no plug and play design.

      Like it that you enjoy the blog and images. Thanks for your comments and participation.


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