esbjörn svensson ´s home s

what a surprise – listening to a solo home recording of Esbjörn Svensson, the leader of the e.s.t. trio. He did record it on his computer some 14 years ago in his cellar, shortly before his death.

I was able to see the Trio in Munich at Circus Krone in 2006, never forget how balanced and musically sophisticated their show was. Going back home my sports car touched a superficially built ice layer on the Autobahn. Many accidents ahead of us. I was able to slide to the right side in a very slowly and slippery manner.

The music is very emotional on a high quality level. Perfect sound and absolutely stunning!

Today the record came out. Thank you Eva Svensson for making it possible.

One thought on “esbjörn svensson ´s home s

  1. E.

    I have all of his recordings, now I will look for this one as well.
    I wished I had seen the trio in concert years back when they toured the U.S. Such a wonderful talent.



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