during the MOFI publications the new Step 1 mastering of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album was discussed. While the 1st EPIC issue was a little radio compressed the 25th Anniversary sounds a bit more dynamical. You see the differences on Michaels face (lighter, with some cosmetical changes) when he published the 25th issue as producer. I will report on the MOFI 1 Step mastering when it happens to reach the market before Xmas – hopefully in a good dynamic version.

The best versions of „Thriller“ and „Beat It“ so far are on „This is it“ from 2009 (The music that inspired the movie). Absolutely full of dynamics, coming with quite a good resolution.The sound seems to be excellent.

One thought on “Thriller

  1. Sensational. I was awestruck when I watched “This is It” at the movies. Mr. Jackson was a one-of-a-kind coreographer endowed with tons of original idea, and he shaped up dance & music simultaneously. No small feat! I don’t own the special MoFi edition, but I suppose the tracks have now gotten the justice they deserve with respect to sonic quality, dynamics and detail.


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