The German magazine MINT reports about the „MoFi scandal“. Their titel is „Dreams will not come true“. They are describing the history of the different owners of MoFi from the beginning until today. They always had digital copies, as they do have now. In the beginning they transferred from the analogue master. In the meantime they improved their machinery Park via Gain2 to 1 Step Transfer.

being able to press about 800 copies from the „Father“ like they did with Abraxas the technicians need to use more fathers for the 40.000 copies of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Anyway the German importer means we should rate the quality in comparison to the compressed original pressing. So let us have a look.

When they did „The Dark Side of the Moon“ a new system was used. A Neumann lathe was bought and improved by the halfspeed optimized cutting stylus Ortofon DSS 731. Pink Floyd´s Dark Side was the first record with this technology. When I listen to my two different MFSL copies I really enjoy the quality! and the music!

One thought on “MoFi II

  1. E.
    I agree. I too have read similar articles. I find that my mofi pressings are always very quiet, even thought from time to time the original pressing might have more volume or dynamics, I enjoy the, nonetheless.

    My mofi pressing of Dark Side is my favorite one.



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