RMG 309

What are you doing when you end up with too many tonearms, not speaking of tables, phono stages, SUTs and cartridges? You start a bargain platform, such as who is crying loudest gets the unit? No, not really. It is a funny game, when you are trying to sell nice phono parts you always hear the answer „In my system I do have A, and B and C – what do you think?“

I guess I am a kind of gentleman, answering and exchanging opinions and ideas, why not? Anyhow it is a kind of narcissism showing and placing somehow expensive phono items. I met quite a few of interesting gentlemen from the US, Switzerland, Italy, France, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Sweden in person while exchanging opinions on High End topics. I learned a lot, it was worth the exchange.

Not many people visited me, my wife is a good controlling protector. On the other hand I went out to get in touch with all these brilliant guys, having contacts in the audio industry. I wouldn’t like to have it missed. Some of the people I met became good friends, nevertheless many are in the region of becoming over 70 years.

What if someone is leaving this planet like Chris Summigovo did recently? Henry are you still there? Life seems to be sometimes unforeseeable. I am still in a good shape, enjoying my music – nevertheless it seems to be I am on a turning point considering to continue with less items. Okay, you might say we always said it was too much: one phono, one tonearm, one cart and so on… this is adequate.

Maybe I will continue with some more. But anyone who is interested in some of my units should give me a hint before it runs to eBay. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “RMG 309

  1. Well, we have talked, I have listened and in the process I have learned from you. That is good, I even when about getting some of your testing gear from elsewhere else because you did not sell at the time. I would now need a cartridge to complement one of my SME 12 tonearms sitting idle, with my “NIbiru Current Phono” preamp, but because of budget issues, the possibility for new is slim. Well, this until now? maybe you can help with some of your propositions? I’d be glad to hear from you.


  2. Eckart,

    We have never met in person, but I do consider you a friend. Some ten or more years I have been reading, learning enjoying and from time to time we will send each other an email. We have so many things in common, but music and family seems to tie so many people together doesn’t it?

    Keep writing, photographing and posting. We are here enjoying it all. (Even if we do not have the big system like you) =)

    I’m still waiting for you to get down to One turntable, one tonearm and one cartridge. I laugh as I write this because I know it’s impossible. I still haven’t been able to do it and I have been downsizing now for almost as long as I’ve been reading your blog.

    I’m enjoying a good bourbon this evening, jazz is on the turntable and I’m reading your posts. Wonderful. Thank you Eckart! Tell you wife that I’m coming over someday. Count on it!



  3. Norman,

    very true. Nevertheless we understand music and the fun it is all about experimenting with new inventions and improvements of audio gear.

    One day we will meet and you might see me running two turntables and maybe 10 cartridges. This will be my next destination.

    Building up a high end system is a kind of joyful endeavour. Selling some of the gear in a slow and interesting process might be a new project & experience. Anyway it is better than to leave it to the women when your gone 😔. No reason to leave just consideration…



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