MoFi UHQR vs One Step Approach

luckily I had the chance to get some UHQRs in the 80ies. I just sold one! The Dark Side of the Moon. Should I regret it, no, it is in the good hands of a serious Audiophile and owner of a High End manufacture in the North of Germany.

By chance I got a copy of a One Step pressing of Alan Parsons “I robot”. I thought it would be interesting to compare the full analogue master & pressing of the UHQR with the DSD4 mastered vinyl of the One Step.

as with Santana’s “Abraxas’ and also with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” the DSD mixing was excellent, the sound perfect. Wow, but what happened to “I Robot”? While the UHQR sounded fully warm, with wide range sound the One Step came along with clear but down levelled tones. It was not bad but I had the feeling the singer was somehow locked in a cage.

in this case the complete analogue transfer or the DSD mixing makes a difference!

no wonder, the master tapes are now 50 years older! You may hear it.

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