Nakamichi RX 505E

The Nakamichi player with the turning cassette playing in both directions

I bought this unit some 15 years ago at Retro Audio in Berlin. This shop is famous for its exorbitant prices but also providing an excellent service on their machines. I took it from my storage room. Everything is working pretty well and delivering a good sound. Use it for my cassette recordings I need for running with my mobile Sony Walkman. Ok, yes some nostalgia in the time of DSD recordings on Micro SD cards.

3 thoughts on “Nakamichi RX 505E

  1. Also considering that today we can replace any old capacitors within a Nakamichi for brand-new, audiophile-grade ones, something which was not available back then.


  2. E.
    I love cassettes. I have tapes I made 45 years ago and they still sound good. I’ve owned many Nakamichi decks and they are excellent machines, but my favorite is still the ancient Advent 201A. I’m reading your post and listening to it now.
    Do you still have the mighty Tandberg? Had a few of those too. =)


    • Hi N.
      yesterday I saw two restored Nakamichi 1000 ZXL, in wonderful condition – going for 10.000 bucks each. I also saw a Nakamichi 1000 DAT recorder, should have been the best digital recording unit – going for 20.000. Out of reach for me, no money left in my investment pockets. But I was attracted by a different medium. I show you today…



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