2 thoughts on “Lyra Olympos & Cobra

  1. E.
    I really like this turntable. I am surprised that you still use the Cobra. You must really enjoy it because I know it’s very difficult to set up. I don’t know that I’ve actually ever heard one before.
    Now tell me what you think of the Olympus? This has to be one of the rarest cartridges on the planet, if I remember correctly less than 20pcs were built.
    Excellent post. Wish I could hear it.


    • Norman,
      You‘re right. The Criterion is one of the best TTs ever built (with the Acurion isolation platter) and the 3D Cobra Arm as well. The counterweights here are a bit difficult to place but that´s all. The Olympus is gorgeous. Nevertheless you better use it for Jazz or soft music rather than for rock, here the Palladian or the Ortofon 💯 show better results.


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